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Or, the top 3 reasons to spread the word about Kerry...

#1: Kerry's Game-Changing Book, Know Thyself

Kerry Pastine's Know Thyself Since the January 2013 release date, Know Thyself has been changing lives and presenting a unique approach to life design and self-help. The reviews say it all. Know Thyself isn't a book, it is a tool for starting your own journey to self knowledge and living the life of your dreams.

"Although the subject matter is important, the tone of the book is upbeat, friendly and fun. Having this book in your possession is like having your own personal Life Coach at arms reach. This is a must have!" (5 stars) - Monica

"'Being there for yourself' and 'checking in with yourself' always seemed like the oddest expressions to me until I realized that I rarely was and I rarely did. Thanks for sharing this with us, Kerry Pastine. I definitely appreciate the help!" (5 stars) - John

Not only is Know Thyself an amazing work of art, Kerry blazed a new media trail by self-publishing the book using only crowdfunded financial backing via a successful IndieGoGo campaign. Her goal was to fund, write and publish a book within one year and she actually came in ahead of her self-imposed deadline! Using the same life design tools that she teaches in the book, Kerry even surprised herself with what she was able to accomplish.

#2: Kerry's Amazing Personal Energy, Connection and Style

Kerry just has a way about her that draws people in. Whether in a one-on-one life design session, a live television interview or performing for huge crowds, everyone that comes into contact with Kerry walks away feeling a deep connection. It is that intangible "something" that separates everyday interactions from those rare, once-in-a-lifetime experiences that only a very special person can make happen in any given moment.

#3: She's A Rock Star!

Kerry harnesses that powerful energy into one of the most powerful voices in modern music today. As the front woman for The Informants, Kerry has won international acclaim as one of the finest singers to grace the stage in the past decade. She has also become an icon of style. Wherever the band travels, everyone knows when Kerry walks in the room. But what fans don't expect is that this stylish rocker is instantly accessible, quick to have a friendly chat and always full of the charm, grace and kindness that she brings to her life design sessions. After-show events often turn into group conversations about life, love, music and living the life of our dreams.

Contact Kerry

To arrange an interview, contact Kerry directly at 720-220-9825 or email KerryPastine(at)Gmail.com.