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eBook Edition

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Audio Edition

The audiobook edition of Know Thyself is a completely unique version of the book that contains additional insights not found in the print editions. Kerry's voice guides you to self discovery. Click here to buy the audiobook edition.

15 Day Meditation Audio Program

Each day Kerry guides you into a peaceful state and a deeper sense of self. She asks you questions you wouldn't be able to answer in the middle of a hectic day. This quiet time gives you the chance to ponder or “meditate” about yourself and your life, giving you insight and a new motivation internally and externally.
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About Kerry

Author + Life and Business Designer

My name is Kerry Pastine and I have been working with individuals for over 15 years discovering and claiming their passion, purpose, and personal power.

As a teacher and life designer, I specialize in exposing my clients to the very best in themselves, initiating personal reflection, inspiration, and motivation to take action in all aspects of life.

Know Thyself. Design your life.

Get in touch: info(at)

What Kerry Does

Guiding individuals on the path to self

  • Teach you how to connect with your true self.
  • Teach you to let go of pain from your past.
  • Teach you how to redesign your thoughts.
  • Help you to access your internal wisdom, insight & intuition.
  • Teach you how to get present and stay present.
  • Teach you how to love yourself and your story.

What People Are Saying

Testimonials about Kerry's sessions

  • "Kerry guided me to reclaiming and enriching the life I was meant to have."

    Marti, Client
  • "Within two sessions I was able to see my life and my relationships differently."

    Christine, Client
  • "I had been in therapy for years and nothing eased my pain. By my 3rd session with Kerry I had started to heal. Truly heal."

    Shannon, Client